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Our international shows


The fascinating encounter between Josafat and Fineta turns them into the accidental protagonists of a game about a beauty and a beast. Balances and imbalances between two antagonists, challenging gravity on a knee-perch or dancing on a six-meter high mast. Games with knives, ropes or the madness of the cyr Wheel.

Tandarica Circus (English)

They’re called 'Retro-Balkan-Rock'n'roll Circus' but, in reality they’re just four crazy clowns. Risking their own lives and that of the audience (it could be you!) to present: super high-velocity classic juggling and acrobatics, amazing stopping of a cannonball with the stomach, or a death-defying knife thrower with severe (shall we say fatal) myopia. A circus spectacular perfect for audiences of all ages that are guaranteed to die laughing.

Fili Busters

The new and risky adventure in which Mortelo & Manzani will endanger their own lives and, of course, also their audicence (unless they keep a little bit away from stage...), in what is supposed to be a tribute to the old time circus daredevils. Here are the last recruits of the prestigious “Fili Busters Academy”!