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The fascinating encounter between Josafat and Fineta turns them into the accidental protagonists of a game about a beauty and a beast. Balances and imbalances between two antagonists, challenging gravity on a knee-perch or dancing on a six-meter high mast. Games with knives, ropes or the madness of the cyr Wheel.

A circus adaptation of Prudenci Bertrana's classic modernist novel that deconstructs the passion, fear, contradictions, obsessions, contrasts and tragedy of this unknown Hunchback of Notre Dame of the Catalan literature, resulting in a short, astonishing and naif story.

The challenge of turning a modernist classic novel like 'Josafat' into a circus work for all audiences is nothing more than using a new language to tell a recognizable story, but giving it a vision as open-minded as the scenic art that now reviews it, focusing on the background but reinterpreting the content, with licenses for the circus and the acting performance. 'Josafat' is the story of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" of Catalan literature. A story of a dark carácter that now sees the light revitalized and with a new perspective.

This adaptation aims, at the stroke of a scalpel, to maintain the original background of the stories that relate the two main characters of the text, Josafat and Fineta, but to tear out their scenic presentation. A lonely bell-ringer, used to the height, who can play with a six-meter mast as he rises with the danger of knives, is seduced by a young girl with an acrobatic language. A passionate relationship with a fatal end, represented by a knee perch...

In co-production with:
Ajuntament de Valls / Xarxa de Cultura

 Residence in:
Teatres de Valls
Convent de les Arts d’Alcover

With the support of:
Ajuntament del Morell
Ajuntament de Tarragona
Fira Trapezi de Reus
Litterarum, fira d’espectacles literaris de Móra d’Ebre
Stick Center
Diputació de Tarragona
Generalitat de Catalunya (ICEC)


Company: Cia. Passabarret

Cast: Oriol Llop, María Cavagnero, Guillermo Cides

Directed by: Adrián Schvarzstein

Production: La Circoteca

Audience: All ages

Stage: Theater or street venue

Measures: In the street, 9x9 meters (flat surface) and 7 m high

Duration of the show: 60 minutes

Assembly time: 4 hours (6h hall)

Disassembly time: 1 hour

Language: no text


  • Josafat
  • Josafat
  • Josafat
  • Josafat
  • Josafat
  • Josafat
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